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Corporate training 

Training and Capacity Building Workshops for a Decentralised Renewable Energy Future.



There is a growing demand for businesses, governments at all levels and not-for-profit organisations to install decentralised renewable energy technologies.  


For these organisations it is a major investment.  However, when deciding on a renewable energy solution many businesses are at a loss to adequately formulate their needs and priorities.


When an organisation decides to develop and implement a renewable energy project often the task can seem daunting. Reducing energy consumption and providing a renewable energy solution can be complex process and does carry its own set of industry risks.


Living Power can  provide training workshops onsite or at our Renewable Energy Training Centre in South Western Sydney to help organisations make the right choice.


Below are typical topics that can be covered or a course can be tailored to suit your industry needs.:


  • The difference between Power and Energy

  • Perform a few simple electrical calculations to determine energy consumption

  • Learn how to perform an energy audit at your site and set up your own spreadsheets to do so.

  • Teach you how to develop an Energy Reduction Strategy for your business or organization

  • Have a clear understanding of “ nett” connected solar or wind energy.

  • Emerging battery technologies.

  • Peak Lopping and Load Shifting techniques to reduce energy costs

  • Understanding the services and value that a Renewable Energy Engineer can provide for your business.

  • Creating checks and balances between you the client and the contractor.

  • Ensure that you do robust due diligence on technology, products, warrantees and guarantees with the aid of robust project specifications.

  • Developing your business case

  • Understanding government incentives exist for your organisation

  • An overview of risk management and assessment.

  • Understanding grid connection and approvals.


These courses are value packed and will mitigate financial risk to your business or organisation.

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