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off grid power 

Across country New South Wales . 

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Living Power is a specialist in Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS).

Our engineering skills come from years of designing and building RAPS in the harsh Australian environment.


This experience ensures that our customers receive the best possible projects designed for a seamless supply of electricity year round.


Our company uses only high quality equipment sourced from Australia , America and Germany. 

Our engineers can also design and build remote area power systems into a containerized solution at our well equiped workshop and then transport to site if required. 

Video gallery - see a small selection of our typical off grid projects 

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battery bank

All our off grid projects are built using only leading brands : Here is a sample of our product suppliers 

Selectronic are second to none in the off grid inverter market . We have installed many units over the years they have proven to be the most reliable product on the market. These inverters feature in the videos above .

BAE have been our preferred battery of choice for many years . German technology and reliability is hard to beat.

Many of our off grid project use Winaico solar modules. Our customers demand maximum performance and Winaico modules deliver the best outcomes in the harsh Australian environment.




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