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Renewable Energy Engineering 

Living Power has a team of highly trained engineers who can design and specify renewable energy projects for PV or Wind energy .


We have provided renewable energy engineering solutions for many Local Governments Councils and NGO's.

renewable energy engineering

Living Powers team of engineers have extensive experience in the Electrical Industry at an engineering level and at an Electrical Contractor level. Living Power  has designed and written specifications for Renewable Energy Projects (ready for tender) for the last several years, and has extensive design and implementation project experience.


Living Power  holds all appropriate accreditations with the CEC for Stand Alone Power Systems, Grid Connected PV systems and Wind Energy Conversion Systems.

The company has designed and specified numerous projects for Local Councils and private entities in Australia, India and Uganda in off grid electrical and water projects, grid connected PV projects and wind energy conversion systems.


Our company engineers have well-honed problem solving skills and many years of experience in the electrical industry, which allows the team to provide solid advice and technical expertise in the emerging renewable energy market. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Assessing sites for renewable energy input feasibility.

  • Design and specification for Renewable Energy (RE) Projects – PV and Wind Energy/battery storage

  • Project implementation and management

  • Existing site power analysis and issue resolutions

  • Site energy assessments

  • Corporate training to increase capacity in RE understanding and risk assessment at senior management level.

  • Technical report writing

  • Solving complex computational electrical problems. 

Amongst other interesting renewable energy projects Living Power has is currently working with University of NSW on an excess fluoride extraction prototype project for deployment at 150 sites across India. This project has grant funding from TATA and AU Government.

Living Power recent relevant engineering experience includes the following:


  • Parkes Shire Council, November 2015 – ongoing. Renewable Energy Engineer consulting for the design and specifications of PV infrastructure for the New Sewerage Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant for Parkes Shire Council. 500 kW   

  • Design and Specification for off grid electrical project for Leichhardt City Council.

  • Design, Specification and implementation of off grid electrical supply (three phase) for an organic chicken farm at Mittagong NSW.

  • Design and specification 100 kW PV array for Power House Museum Archive centre at Castle Hill NSW.

  • On-going solar water pumping and electrical projects for private NGO’s in Uganda .

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