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There are many options for hybrid solar.Single phase and three phase configurations . 

Living Power can design a system to suit your requirements and budget . 

Hybrid solar battery systems start  from as low as $5000 for homes that have that have pre-existing solar arrays installed.

We can offer systems such as Tesla , LG Chem , Fronius and Aqueous Battery.

With many years of off grid remote area power experience Living Power can provide expert design and installation for your hybrid project . 

Essential Services Uninterruptible supply.


The image on the left shows a Fronius 12.5 three phase grid tied inverter supplying a large home in Camden NSW . There is also a single phase 6 kW inverter , coupled with a Selectronic inverter and LG Chem 10 kWh battery kit . In the event of a power outage the battery continues to supply the essential services within the home such as kitchen power , lights , water pump, Cbus etc. This type if systen is ideal in areas where power outages are common. 


The image on the right shows a Fronius solar/hybrid system. The battery pack is able to distribute across all three phase. This is ideal for off setting electrical loads such as three phase conditioning units . 

The images below shows a solar/hybrid that using a Selectronic Inverter coulpled with a 10 kh LG Chem batterey kit . 

Both systems are set up so that in the event of a local power outage the customer still has electricity at the site . 

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