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Backup generator supply
Commercial Project Installations:

All our projects are well managed based around quality of workmanship and saftey for our employees,client and public.

Living Power can provide all sizes of generators supplied and installed. 

On many large buildings backup generators are used to supply the building electrical load during a local power failure .


In some cases the whole building is supplied with electricity via the backup generator  and in other cases only the essential services are supplied with power during a local grid failure. 

The generator is operated automatically  via an "Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) .Components inside the switch detect a grid failure and then the generator is switched on automatically. The ATS is design to disconnect the buildings AC bus from the local grid to prevent back-feeding from the gen-set to the grid .


Living Power has extensive experience in the design and installation of  backup diesel generators for commercial buildings and residential buildings and apartment blocks.

Off Grid backup generator

Often on larger off grid projects a backup diesel generator will be required to supplement electrical supply during extended periods of wet weather . 

Living Power can supply and integrate an automatic diesel gen-set for our off grid projects or we can integrate a new diesel generator into your existing off grid project. 


Living Power can design and install backup generators for any sized installation. 

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